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Steam Boiler Normal Operation Is Also Very Important

Aug 10, 2017

Steam Boiler is in a higher pressure environment to run, so the control system set up a series of security devices. For overvoltage, the first set of range of program control, beyond the set value of a certain limit, the boiler will automatically stop; to be below the set value after a certain limit will automatically start running. Followed by the pressure sensor maximum limit control, once the set value program out of control, the pressure reaches the boiler design rated high limit, it will automatically stop the operation of the boiler; the last set in the steam pipe safety valve, if the first two layers of electronic protection system is not Work, will start mechanical pressure protection. Therefore, although the high-pressure steam boiler is 55 ~ 65MPa pressure to work, but its safety is no doubt. From the current use of view, there is no one due to the normal use of the resulting security incidents.

For high pressure systems, it is necessary to ensure that the combustion chamber bundles in the furnace are "submerged" in the process during operation to prevent overheating from causing harm. At the same time, due to the expansion of the volume of water during heating, the volume of water will increase by 37% at 80 MPa and 42% at 90 MPa, so the volume between the boiler and the lowest connecting pipe at the lowest end of the heat exchanger should be at least the boiler body volume 50% to prevent the liquid from entering the heat exchanger when heated to the working pressure. Less than the volume will likely cause boiler water to enter the heat exchanger to form a "dip" leading to a drastic decrease in heat transfer efficiency.

In the actual use of the process,Steam Boiler usually the boiler water is 120% of the boiler volume, the increase of 20% of the water play an insurance role. Therefore, in the boiler and heat exchanger connection pipe layout design, the need to take full account of the length of the pipeline and water volume expansion factors to meet the normal use of the boiler, the general needs of professionals to review the design.

The boiler burner must be adjusted by a professionally trained person to use, so that the boiler is in a small fire, medium fire and fire (full load) when the combustion state of the best, this work must be carried out by professional equipment. Through the gas in the O2, CO, CO2, smoke and smoke temperature measurement adjustment, so that the burner in the best working condition.

The water quality of the high pressure steam boiler system is also an important indicator of the normal operation of the boiler. As the boiler water is closed once in the boiler after the addition of the operation, while the operating pressure, the water vapor in the boiler system running speed is large, once poured into the water does not meet the purity requirements, will be due to the presence of impurities,Steam Boiler The deviation of the pH caused serious damage to the piping system and quickly caused the boiler tube system to leak, thus reducing the service life of the boiler.