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Steam Boiler Modern Boiler Control Technology With Automatic Temperature Compensation

Jul 11, 2017

First, the steam boiler selection is unreasonable, resulting in the actual operation of low efficiency

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In actual use steam boilers are often operated at low loads. The main reason is because the use of units in the purchase of boilers, generally according to the maximum steam use to select the steam boiler, it is likely to cause "big horse car" phenomenon, resulting in steam boiler thermal efficiency. Because the design of steam boilers, the general operating efficiency of the boiler is more than 75% to 100% of the operating load in the highest thermal efficiency. While the boiler load is too low and overload will cause the boiler to reduce the operating efficiency.

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Second, the steam boiler combustion technology

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China's steam boiler combustion technology is not very advanced, the boiler air coefficient is generally too large. And excessive air coefficient will increase the amount of flue gas, flue gas to take too much heat, increase the heat loss of smoke, but also cause pollution increases, reduce the flame temperature, so that the boiler thermal efficiency becomes low.

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Third, the boiler water quality can not be guaranteed

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Most of the steam boilers are equipped with soft water equipment, but the configuration of the soft water treatment equipment quality uneven, soft water equipment selection is too small, so the steam boiler caused by the water treatment does not meet the national standard. Non-compliance with the water quality will cause boiler fouling, the impact of steam boiler life will reduce the boiler thermal efficiency.

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Fourth, the steam boiler low level of automation

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China's steam boiler current level of automation is relatively low, and some did not install the monitoring of the operation of the instrument. Due to the lack of display and control of the boiler instrument, so some operating parameters can not be adjusted in a timely manner, so that the boiler can not run in the best condition. The lack of frequency conversion and automatic temperature compensation of modern boiler control technology, but also makes the steam boiler can not achieve the best steam load.

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Steam boiler energy-saving emission reduction is a long-term work, mainly to build steam boiler manufacturers through energy-saving technology innovation to control the steam boiler energy saving. Power steam boiler has been developing the latest energy-saving emission reduction technology, the current force steam boiler thermal efficiency can reach 94%, and the use of independent research and development of combustion and frequency control technology, the annual energy consumption for users under a lot of operating costs.

In order to protect the safe use of the boiler, we will be installed when the installation of some safety accessories, steam boilers as well. Steam boiler common safety accessories are safety valve, pressure gauge, water level gauge, thermometer and so on. Today we will come to introduce the steam boiler safety annex:

(1) safety valve

1) Type: can be divided into spring-type safety valve, lever-type safety valve, static safety valve, control type safety valve (sub-pulse, pneumatic, hydraulic and electromagnetic, etc.) and water seal; Divided into micro-Kai safety valve and full Kai safety valve. Steam boilers with full Kai safety valve, hot water boiler with micro-Kai safety valve.

2) Function: When the steam boiler pressure exceeds the working pressure, the safety valve can automatically open the exhaust, so that the pressure is reduced to prevent overburden and boiler explosion occurred in the exhaust at the same time the alarm sound, to remind the operator to drop Pressure operation.

3) Defect inspection: rust, leakage, spool and seat corrosion is the main defect of the safety valve; other such as spool, seat and valve body cracking, stem deformation, spring failure, lever-type safety valve lever and valve Rod contact with the edge of the wear and tear, etc. have also occurred.

(2) pressure gauge

1) types: can be divided into spring elbow pressure gauge, electrical contact pressure gauge, U-tube differential pressure gauge.

2) Function: Always indicate the pressure of the installation site medium.

3) Defect inspection: including the pressure gauge attachment test, including the main check pressure gauge leakage (in fact, the spring pipe leakage), the pointer in the absence of pressure does not return to the zero line or not with the limit nail tight, Pipe clogging, three-way plug plug, bad electrical contact and so on. In addition, such as the pointer beating, the mouth leakage, three-way plug rust death, dial damage, etc. also occur.