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Introduction To Brazing And Principle

Mar 23, 2017

Soldering welding is hard soldering welding and soft soldering welding of General, used than mother material metal melting point low of metal for soldering material, will welding pieces and soldering material heating to above soldering material melting point, below mother material metal melting temperature, using liquid soldering material wetting mother material metal, fill joint clearance and and mother material metal mutual diffusion achieved connection welding pieces of method, called soldering welding.
Brazing of heat is chemical reaction heat or indirect heat, brazing, heating temperature is lower, the base metal is not melting, but also do not need to put pressure on, but must be taken prior to welding clear work surface Uranium contamination, dust, oxide film, which is make good wettability, ensure that the important guarantee of the quality of.
Solder's Liquidus temperature above 450 ° c below the melting point of the base metal, known as brazing, called soldering when below 450 c.
Depending on the heat or heating brazing can be divided into; flame brazing induction brazing, furnace brazing, dip dip brazing, resistance brazing, etc.
Brazing heating temperature is relatively low, so little effect on the workpiece material properties, but lower strength of brazed, heat-resisting ability.
Brazing can be used for welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, high temperature alloys, aluminum, copper and other metals, and to connect dissimilar metals, metals and non-metal, suitable for welding joint to work under load or at room temperature, precision, micro-as well as complex braze welding is especially useful.