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Industrial Electric Heating Element Is Damaged

Mar 17, 2017

Non-vacuum furnace industrial furnace heating elements using Fe-CR-al (such as OCr25Al7Mo2) and NI-CR alloys (such as Cr20Ni80), vacuum furnace is made of molybdenum heating element.
1) Mo mass in vacuum furnace heating element is damaged, replace the molybdenum heating of partial damage of parts, damaged parts cut off, take the same section and the original size of molybdenum, molybdenum 2~3mm thick film clamping on both sides, with screw holes, then Mo-screw.
2) alloy normal damage, mainly thin brittle oxide, lap short circuit, fire or media phenomena such as erosion, NI-CR alloy Fe-CR alloy long service life, Ribbon longer than filaments, continuous work than stopping for long.