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Induction Heater There Is A Significant Energy Saving Effect

Jul 01, 2017

At present, the market on the industrial Induction heater energy-saving technology has attracted the attention and use of many enterprises, in fact, electromagnetic induction heating technology as early as 80 years ago, and in many other applications, such as: steel heat treatment, household induction cooker and so on. But the use of plastic machinery heating and other industrial energy-saving transformation or the last decade or so, the basic principle is the use of electromagnetic induction principle to produce 20 ~ 25KHz super-audio electromagnetic waves, through the plastic machine barrel itself to produce eddy current to produce heat, as this The thermal efficiency of the heating body can reach more than 90%, and completely solve the traditional resistance heating mode through the air conduction heat efficiency is low, the thermal efficiency of resistance heating method can only reach 60%, some lower to 30 %, Therefore, the use of Induction heater for plastic machinery, you can have a significant energy-saving effect, and at least 30%, some of the original thermal efficiency is not high machinery is up to 80%.

Although the electromagnetic heater after more than ten years of development, but on the whole, the current Induction heater products on the market there are some problems that need attention, which is the majority of industrial heating enterprises and industry people want to carry out Induction heater energy conservation before the need to fully understand Note:

One, why some electromagnetic heaters are easy to bad, some with the quality of several years has been very good?

Currently on the market, some companies reflect their use of Induction heater controller after the transformation, there are encountered electromagnetic heaters can not work properly, the problem so that they have a headache, but also want to make the transformation of the enterprise discouraged, or even On this new energy-saving technology questioned.

The reason for the above situation is mainly due to the concept of Induction heater energy-saving technology caused by many industry people's interest, but also very popular with the enterprise, want to engage or deliberately involved in this industry manufacturers and service points, we rush into battle, too late or no The ability to do the necessary electronic control technology preparation, direct use of induction cooker control panel applied to the industrial requirements of the plastic machine installed on the use, and even some of the original manufacturers to do the induction cooker directly to the original induction cooker movement to use.

Of course, the induction cooker circuit board itself is no problem, if used to make the induction cooker will be very stable, will not burn, and can have a certain life. But the use of plastic machinery on the line, because the use of plastic machinery and induction cooker has a fundamental difference between the use of plastic machine environment than the induction cooker as a home appliance to be more complex, industrial environment, power grid voltage instability, a variety of machines The existence of a variety of harmonic interference, etc., will cause the circuit board is very durable, often burned. In fact, the household cooker daily working hours only 2 to 3 hours, while the average daily working hours of plastic machine 12 hours, some manufacturers use the machine longer, therefore, industrial Induction heater and induction cooker is essentially different, both in circuit board design In the circuit protection program and the choice of electronic components are not the same requirements, from the electronic components on the civilian level, industrial and military grade several, industrial-grade electromagnetic heaters must use the above-industry level, otherwise Often burn the controller is inevitable.

Second, the accuracy of temperature control?

Plastic machine heating is an important indicator is to ensure that the temperature of the temperature range of the machine temperature, a variety of plastic raw materials for the sensitivity of the temperature, although not the same, but in the production process for the temperature accuracy requirements are relatively high, a lot of plastic Product requirements can not exceed the temperature of ± 5 ℃, therefore, many types of plastic machine with air-cooled or water-cooled for cooling control, otherwise, the processing of things may not be waste is defective. Because the Induction heater and the original resistance of the original resistance is not the same characteristics, if not reasonable configuration and technical control is difficult to solve this problem. To solve this problem, we must fully understand the characteristics of the plastic machine on the basis of the use of Induction heater control panel PID proportional calculus regulator, coupled with the necessary air-cooled, water-cooled device, so that the temperature is accurate to ± 1 C is also achievable. Of course, this need to install the electromagnetic heater at the same time, but also on the plastic machine performance and plastic materials have a comprehensive understanding and the necessary rational allocation.

 Third, the Induction heater can save much electricity?

Energy saving is saving only, it can not create new energy. At present, the plastic industry in the production of the main use of resistance ring heating, this heating method, mainly by single-sided contact conduction to transfer heat, this heat transfer method at least 50% of the heat dissipation in the air. So the so-called energy-saving power is to save the part of the energy dissipated in the air, in theory, the traditional heating circle inside and outside the transmission of half of the heat, so according to the law of conservation of energy, theoretically Induction heater energy-saving rate should be 50% , The actual use of energy-saving rate should be about 40%.

But because the plastic machinery is to rely on the rotation of the screw to promote the material forward, the material between the screw and the barrel, with a lot of friction, the force and the screw speed, that is, the faster the speed, the greater the friction, This friction is usually converted into a heat form. In other words, as long as the screw speed is fast enough it can produce enough heat to come. Usually in the design of the machine to consider this relationship, but because of the current mechanical design and manufacturing capacity constraints, many devices difficult to achieve an ideal state, and uneven. In this context, some equipment after modification just to achieve an ideal heat state, that is, the heat generated by the screw rotation is slightly greater than the heat required for production and processing, then do not need outside the heat, and this situation Under the energy-saving rate will be much more than 50% of the theoretical value, up to 80%.

In summary, we said that the Induction heater energy-saving technology in the plastic machinery on the normal energy-saving rate is about 40%, in exceptional circumstances up to 80%.

Therefore, the Induction heater energy-saving transformation of the energy-saving rate is precisely between 30% to 80%, the specific value of the actual measurement before you can accurately know.