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Induction Heater Regular Dust Removal

May 26, 2017

At present the market has a lot of specifically for the paper industry, drying equipment and research and development of electromagnetic induction heaters, the traditional papermaking dryer equipment with thermal oil dryer and steam dryer, which are characterized by heating are required to warm up in advance, The electromagnetic heater first heating speed, at any time boot can be heated at any time, can save a lot of prenatal warm-up time. Second, the electromagnetic heater also uses intelligent thermostat to monitor the internal temperature of the heating body at any time by the industrial 485 bus and computer connection, remote monitoring and centralized control of the host to stop. Electromagnetic induction principle by the internal self-heating, thermal efficiency as high as 95% or more. Finally, the whole process of electromagnetic heater running without pollution, in line with national sustainable development strategy. Easy to operate, no personnel on duty, the failure only need to simply replace the accessories.

First, the use of Induction heater to note:

1, the installation of electromagnetic heater host environment can not be below -20 ℃, the maximum can not exceed 50 ℃, and to dry and ventilated.

2, before access to power: the electrical work required for the total power and the total capacity of the transformer, can not exceed the total capacity of the power supply, but also as far as possible not to waste; another to distinguish single-phase 220v, three-phase 380v voltage, ; Finally, it is important to note that when the grid voltage in the specified voltage range up and down 10% floating, prohibit the use of high-power electromagnetic heating equipment.

3, the electromagnetic heater is the most afraid of water, therefore, in short, the electromagnetic heater can not have water into, in any case to avoid this situation, water vapor, moisture is not too heavy, the same as the electromagnetic heating line , Should not use the wet hand to touch or in the electromagnetic heating line to take the sun wet clothes and so on.

4, printed circuit boards can not have plastic around, vinyl and polystyrene foam (except for anti-static type), static electricity is likely to damage these circuits. Do not touch the IC circuit that controls the interface board or the control board.

5, the surface of the electromagnetic heating wire is asbestos material, fear of grinding, so the electromagnetic heating wire should avoid the vibration of the equipment, so as not to wear the electromagnetic heating wire leakage phenomenon, contact with ground metal objects, hand contact these controllers before the elimination of the body (Turn off the power to the controller and keep ground when touching the controller).

6, any replacement equipment, maintenance equipment must be broken after the equipment can be carried out, do not hand or conductor contact with printed circuit board components or conductors.

7, any replacement equipment, maintenance equipment must be broken after the equipment can be carried out.

Second, the maintenance of Induction heater:

1, to maintain the electromagnetic heating controller ventilation and cooling, if the work of the use of the environment is very bad, then work every day before you can open about 10 minutes before the fan and then work.

2, regular dust, an average of about half a month.

Carefully pay attention to these two aspects, the use of high-power electromagnetic heater has been mastered more than half of the other, such as around the electromagnetic heating wire, should avoid close to other iron materials, to avoid energy waste, Set the temperature after the rush to start heating and so on.