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Induction Heater Improve Safety And Antioxidant Capacity

Nov 01, 2017

The Induction heater is based on the electromagnetic induction heating principle to manufacture the heating controller. Electromagnetic induction heating comes from Faraday's electromagnetic induction phenomenon, that is, alternating current in the conductor to produce induced current, resulting in conductor heat. Since the discovery of current through the wire thermal effects, the world will appear a lot of research and manufacture of electric heaters inventor.

To confirm the needs of energy-saving equipment, the original heating method:

A, electric furnace wire / quartz: to confirm the original heating area, the heating power of each temperature zone, the nearest choice of the corresponding power model of electromagnetic heating products can be suspended with the power if less than 2.5KW are selected 2.5KW electromagnetic heating control panel,Induction heater With the number of products with the original heating area can be the same number. The method is mainly used for injection molding machine, blown film machine, drawing machine, extruder and other smaller power equipment.

B, coal burning / diesel heating: to confirm the diameter of the cylinder, the length of the area to be heated, according to the demand for heating the temperature, the specific production requirements, the method requires a certain professional level and experience, the customer can supply the above data Electromagnetic heater manufacturers to determine. The method is mainly used for water-based granulator, all kinds of boilers and other high-power equipment.

Second, the heater: electromagnetic heating heating power can refer to the daily air-conditioning with the method, that is, fifteen square / KW to meet the heating needs.

Third, will be placed in the heating of electric heating rods into a different power of Induction heater energy saving results in less than 10 percent, not very obvious, but can greatly improve its safety and antioxidant capacity.

How to use electromagnetic heating controller

Electromagnetic heating controller is a kind of electromagnetic induction principle will be converted into thermal energy energy device. Electromagnetic controller will 220V, 50 / 60Hz AC rectifier into DC, and then convert the DC into a frequency of 20-40KHz high-frequency high-voltage electricity. High-speed high-frequency high-voltage current flows through the coil will produce high-speed alternating magnetic field,Induction heater when the magnetic field within the magnetic field through the magnetic metal material will produce numerous small eddy current in the metal body, so that the metal material itself high-speed fever, The purpose of heating the metal material.

How to use the electromagnetic heating controller:

1, winding inductance: 160μH ~ 180μH Measuring method: the use of series (SER).

2, in accordance with the installation method we provide, the correct access to each interface.

3, the use of the product load characteristics: ordinary steel and iron material, coil and workpiece distance 15-30mm (special materials to special commissioning) with a number of barrels can be connected to multiple groups of heaters, the distance between the coil is greater than 15CM.

4, the electromagnetic heating controller for power, if the work light flashes, in standby mode. If the indicator light is not flashing, in working condition; 5, through the potentiometer R33, can adjust the power size.