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Induction Heater Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

Oct 09, 2017

In recent years, Induction heater with the implementation of national energy-saving emission reduction and wind and water. It can be said that Induction heater is the development of demand with the times and the emergence of new energy-saving products, than the traditional industrial heating, can be described as a big change. Its energy-saving emission reduction in terms of other products can not match the advantages, which by many users of all ages. But for most non-professional people, 'Induction heater' is a strange term, the lack of understanding of this area. So the Induction heater products doubt, I do not know how to choose? So before the purchase must be clear their own needs to use their own use of the electromagnetic sensor environment analysis of the industry to understand and analyze, so as to be able to determine which needs are their own, which is not necessary. Do the money spent on the blade, the right choice of the appropriate electromagnetic induction heater.

Electromagnetic heating in the plastics industry and the advantages of traditional heating methods

1: to improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity: electromagnetic heating is used within the heat way, the heat gathered in the heating body inside,Induction heater  the external heat almost no equipment surface can be hand touch, greatly improving the working environment of the factory, reducing the labor of workers strength.

2: reduce maintenance costs: heating part of the use of circular cable structure, the cable itself does not heat, and can withstand more than 500 degrees of high temperature,Induction heater  the service life of up to 5 years, the latter part of the basic maintenance costs

3: save labor costs: Compared with the traditional method of coal heating, electricity without a professional burner master, most people can produce, to facilitate the recruitment of workers, but also save the labor costs of workers.

4: energy saving, environmental protection: electromagnetic heating and general heating compared to the heating, electromagnetic heating at least more than 30 percent energy saving, an investment of 4 - 6 months to recover the product investment.

5: to improve product quality: the temperature heating evenly, according to your settings automatically adjust our heating products bright color, high quality,Induction heater  your products can be better sales or sell better prices.

6: high efficiency, heating speed: heating ordinary granulator, injection molding machine, drawing machine, extruder barrel to more than 300 degrees only 10 minutes, greatly saving heating time.

7: saving equipment loss: burning coal and coke because the temperature is too high, the temperature is difficult to grasp, barrel and screw easy to bend, many manufacturers need to change many times a year,Induction heater  while the electromagnetic heating temperature uniform, one year or even longer without replacement Barrel and screw.