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Induction Heater Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

Aug 10, 2017

Induction heater must be a heating medium (we also called the load) will be heated, its efficient use makes a lot of equipment heating factory direct benefit to save money. However, some of the electromagnetic heater probably understand that the electromagnetic induction heater can be used to heat the plastic pipe, you can heat the container of water, or oil. But can the electromagnetic induction heater directly heat the iron? There are many customers who have consulted this question. Electromagnetic heater heating iron is no problem, mainly depends on what industry, the specific size and so on a series of problems, such as the thickness of the iron plate can not be too thin, so that the heating will be too thin iron will be soft and so on. General plastic machinery pipe is not all iron and carbon steel, excellent magnetic permeability, it is completely available. Iron and carbon steel material is currently on the market using electromagnetic heating the most common way.

Electromagnetic induction heating equipment is today's energy conservation and environmental protection to promote an environmentally friendly equipment, by the heating industry favorite. This is because the efficient energy-saving electromagnetic induction heater equipment is a new type of heating energy-saving products, with significant energy saving effect, heating speed, high thermal efficiency, reduce the production environment temperature, maintenance-free and other significant features, and the original production process, The operating procedure has no effect and change. So widely used in plastic processing and similar heating industry.

Electromagnetic induction heating equipment users are accustomed to electromagnetic heaters, most of them know that it is heating fast, can save power, but the actual operation of the specific or some worry. So, how to set the electromagnetic induction heater display mode? The following for everyone:

When the electromagnetic heater is powered on, the default display of the highest position of the gear, the gear indicator light, press the left and right keys can change the display mode, from left to right, followed by: frequency, temperature, current, voltage and gear, The lights will follow the transfer, when converted to a mode, the digital tube will display the corresponding parameter values.

1, frequency: shows the work of the electromagnetic heating coil oscillation frequency, by observing the frequency value to determine whether the appropriate coil;

2, the temperature: the general configuration, the display heat sink temperature; if the optional K-type thermocouple or infrared temperature measurement function, then display the thermocouple or infrared detection temperature, press the up and down keys to display the set temperature, 3 seconds back to real time measure temperature.

3, current: display the power supply input current.

4, the voltage: display the power supply input voltage.

5, the electromagnetic induction heating equipment stalls: display stalls, press the up and down keys to adjust the power, no gear or rheostat adjustable power button up and down; if the optional K-type thermocouple or infrared temperature measurement function, the display temperature Parameter, press the up and down keys to adjust this parameter.