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Induction Coil Reduce Wire Heating And Voltage Loss

Oct 09, 2017

The output coil used in the high frequency welded pipe is the key process of the straight seam welded pipe. High-frequency welding is the use of high-frequency current skin effect and proximity effects, making the end of the steel plate in a very short period of time to melt,Induction Coil  after extrusion to the surface of the oxide layer and impurities are extruded, the substrate is integrated The High-frequency current is relative to our normal industrial frequency of 50Hz, it is generally from 50KHz to 450KHz frequency. High frequency welding for induction welding. Induction welding is the use of induction coil to make high-frequency current in the edge of the board gathered, it is very large power transmission in the welding, but more stable, welding weld after welding smooth. The distance between the sensor and the steel pipe is 3 --- 5mm. The multi-turn induction coil is two to four turns, wrapped in a round copper tube into a round drum, which is cooled in water, it can be in a very short time The edges of adjacent steel plates are heated, melted, and abutted by extrusion. Because of its distance from the tube embryo closer to the surface of the iron oxide iron easily attached to the surface of the coil,Induction Coil  until the accumulation to a certain amount will produce a discharge phenomenon of the coil breakdown, damage.

Now, some electric furnace manufacturers to reduce costs, most of the induction coil copper raw materials using low-cost, high resistance value of the complex copper rather than the low resistance value of No. 1 electrolytic copper, resulting in induction coil and water line resistance is higher, the unit Time power loss is relatively large.

High-quality high-purity brass, the surface color shiny, low resistance, good electrical conductivity, and poor quality copper is not all copper material, brass black and hard, because the impurities can not withstand high current, high heat Should be distinguished.

A large induction coil, water cable cross-sectional area

Large cross-section of copper wire and copper conductor cable, which not only can reduce the wire heat and voltage loss, but also increase the reliability of distribution lines, and to adapt to long-term development, but also from the economic point of view is also very good,Induction Coil  Of the investment can be quickly recovered, the user in the long-term use can get more benefits.

Good surface insulation need to use high temperature, water resistance, high voltage level insulation paint, the use of better results are TSC-L ultra-high temperature insulation paint and APC-H + high temperature anti-arc insulation enamel, the two paint are for The use of IF furnace characteristics of the development of the two in terms of temperature and compression some differences, according to their actual use of the need to carefully choose.