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Induction Coil Improve The Inductance Of The Self-inductance

Jul 20, 2017

Single layer coil

The single-layer coil is wound around the paper tube or bakelite frame with a insulated wire around it. Such as transistor radios in the wave antenna coil.

Ferrite cores and iron core coils

The magnitude of the inductance of the coil is related to the presence or absence of the core. In the hollow core coil into the ferrite core, can increase the inductance and improve the quality of the coil factors.

Copper core coil

Copper core coil in the ultra-short wave range of application more, the use of rotating copper core in the coil position to change the inductance, this adjustment is more convenient and durable.

Color code Induction Coil

Is a high-frequency Induction Coil, it is around the core on some enameled wire and then made of epoxy resin or plastic package. Its operating frequency is 10KHz to 200MHz, the inductance is generally between 0.1uH and 3300uH. The color code inductor is an inductor with a fixed inductance, and the inductance flag is marked with a resistor as a color ring. Its unit is uH.

Choke (choke)

Limit the AC through the coil called the flow ring, sub-high frequency block and low frequency current loop.

Deflection coil

Deflection coil is the TV scan circuit output stage load, deflection coil requirements: deflection sensitivity is high, uniform magnetic field, Q value is high, small size, low price.

Air core inductance

Air core inductance In order to obtain a larger inductance value, often with more enameled wire around, and in order to reduce the inductance of the line resistance of its own DC current, to use thick wire enameled wire. But in some smaller products, the use of very heavy air core inductance is not realistic, not only increase the cost, but also limits the volume of the product. In order to improve the inductance and maintain a lighter weight, we can insert the core in the air core inductance, core,Induction Coilimprove the inductance of the self-inductance, thereby increasing the inductance. At present, in the computer, the vast majority of the core

The method comprises the following steps: (1) winding the coil winding in the trough of the upper surface of the plastic bracket; (2) mounting the magnetic stripe card in the receiving groove on the lower surface of the plastic frame; (3) heating both sides of the plastic support at the same time So that the positioning boss on both sides of the trough and the accommodating groove is softened and deformed by pressing the boss so that the coil winding is embedded in the trunking and integrated with the trough, and the pressing plate engages the magnetic stripe. It is said that it simplifies the process, so that the environment to keep clean,Induction Coil coil plate structure firm and stable. The patent of the coil plate there are several problems 1, a magnetic stripe through the hot press after hot pressing if there is no other limit or positioning, be sure to press the magnetic tape through the magnetic pressure, hot pressing too tight, easy to produce magnetic stress , In the complex transport process is easy to break; hot pressure appropriate, magnetic stripe in the complex transport process and easy to loose, in operation, high frequency will produce vibration, noise, but also out of danger; 2, The upper end of the coil plate using hot pressing technology hot pressing around the coil plate stent material in the process of heating deformation will produce local high temperature, one of the high temperature may damage the surface of the enamel package insulation layer, the second hot process may be 3, the coil disc design can not provide a high energy efficiency design technology.

At present, the use of insulation in the induction furnace on the surface of the product is more beautiful, smooth finish higher reasons, the actual insulation effect in the use of induction furnace is very weak environment. The main reason is because the conventional insulating paint high temperature, corrosion resistance of poor performance. The use of induction furnace most of the environment is more harsh, although there are water-cooled system, can not ensure that the insulating paint has been working in a lower temperature environment. Such as due to metal dust caused by the local ignition occurs, the part of the insulating paint is quickly carbonized, carbonized insulation material completely lost insulation effect into a conductor, in turn,Induction Coil to accelerate the ignition and current leakage occurred, resulting in a vicious cycle The In addition, the use of the environment most of the furnace environment, there are alkaline corrosion atmosphere, easily lead to corrosion of the insulating paint or eventually fall off.

Conventional insulating varnishes must not be used for vacuum induction furnaces or coils that need to be used in high temperature environments. The usual practice is to use mica tape wrapping, which is not only complicated, labor intensive, but still difficult to assure The insulation performance of the coil,Induction Coil the right picture is wrapped in this way the coil, in the first use after the bandaged mica tape was burned pictures. The reason is because the mica tape is not entirely made of mica, such as its binder at a very low temperature can be burned, resulting in damage to the coil surface.