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If Furnace How To Maintain High Furnace

Mar 23, 2017

To obtain high furnace medium frequency induction furnace, do the following:
1) to choose a better performance, a more solid, reasonable size ratio of refractory materials.
2) furnaces should be checked before laying the coil damage, shop heater to put in some good insulation board alarm, stainless steel mesh, insulation panels, etc.
3) to select a good building tools, and make the preparations before building, controlling feeding quantity per layer and the time of stamping, construction to avoid foreign bodies fall into, as possible to get strong and clean the crucible.
4) oven heating speed, ensure that the lining of sand moisture slowly and fully discharged; quartz phase transition should reduce heating or insulation so that it can slow the change until complete phase change.
5) do all the process, try to avoid the defects of.