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Electric Heating And Flame Heating

Mar 17, 2017

Electric heating General used furnace heating and electric I heating two species way, which furnace and can is divided into high frequency furnace and gas furnace, heating Shi need will equipment transitions to prior established good of furnace in the, for some larger artifacts, also to consider furnace of size and heating of efficiency problem, for many enterprise, furnace heating early input cost too high; if used electric I heating, is need large artificial in heating zhiqian laying electric I, need artificial not continuous monitored heating process, advantages is can on artifacts uniform heating, shortcomings is power big, Efficiency of slow, spend a lot of time and effort, and can only be heated to two hundred or three hundred-degree temperatures.
In contrast, flame for handheld operation, has a high degree of flexibility, without workpiece transitions can be synchronized with welding, to save labor costs, time costs, and according to the site conditions providing the most reasonable heating programme.