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Eco-friendly Advantage Lead Smelting Furnace

Mar 23, 2017

Lead smelting furnace for lead recycling, use plays an important role in environmental protection is also important, the following small series to introduce environmentally-friendly lead smelting furnace of some green features.
Water conservation: water saving is to cancel the previous Watergate changed the fire door, which not only reduces the trouble of water links, can reduce the oven to cool and use coal.
Coal: now I am using water gas reverberatory furnace, gasified coal burning than coal powder, 40%.
Artificial: artificial salary now is rising every year, in order to reduce salary expenditures, it is necessary to use machinery. For example: crane or forklift, electric hoists and battery breaking equipment.
Saving electricity: coal reverberatory furnace with two powerful motors, running 24 hours, takes a lot of energy, water gas furnace and a powerful fan, reduce energy consumption 40%.