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Do You Understand Induction Heating Equipment

Apr 11, 2018

Induction heating equipment

Analog Control Induction Heating Equipment:

The main control circuit adopts, analog circuit control, 0~5V power adjustment, the disadvantages of this type of equipment: poor temperature control accuracy, poor control of IGBT zero-crossing point, high power consumption of core power components, easy to damage, the main circuit often with the workpiece The changing equipment does not work in a resonant state and the output efficiency is low. Only for the occasion where the heating temperature is not high, the society has gradually eliminated.

Intelligent induction heating equipment:

A new generation of intelligent induction heating equipment: using digital circuit control, high temperature control accuracy, precise control of IGBT zero-crossing point in the switch state, automatic tracking of the main circuit resonant frequency, automatic adaptation to the load according to the change of the workpiece to ensure that the circuit is in resonance, making the entire device High output efficiency.

Intelligent induction heating equipment has the following features:

A: The control core: generally adopts the world's most advanced high-speed digital signal processor (HDSP) and uses a dedicated chip as an auxiliary processor.

Two: Inverter devices generally use high-efficiency and fast-resonant control methods. The inverter efficiency is greater than 95% and the host power factor is greater than 0.9.

Three: The equipment has a design structure combining air cooling and water cooling.

Four: Control mode: All-digital high efficiency and fast resonance, can adapt to various parameters of the sensor, smart device power supply is generally built-in digital PID temperature control mode


Five: with IO interface: analog output, analog input, IO output and IO input interface, RS232 or RS485 communication interface.

Six: The communication interface can be connected to a dedicated data logger.

Seven: Power adjustment adjustment method: stepless adjustable, can be adjusted from 0% to 100%, resolution using 0.1% level or 0.01% level, the output stability is

It can reach 0.3% or 0.025%.