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Steam Boiler With Automatic Replenishment, Lack Of Water, Over-temperature

Jun 09, 2017

Steam boiler in the course of the use of the process in order to ensure the use of normal and safe in the design of the time to configure a perfect protection system, steam boiler common protection system are five are: water level protection, pressure protection, temperature protection, flame protection , Power failure self-locking protection, then Xiaobian for you to detail the steam boiler for each protection system.

Steam boiler common five protection system water level protection: steam boiler with two pumps, running and spare. Boiler supporting one to two plate water level gauge, should always be compared with each other, found that the instructions are inconsistent, to be corrected immediately. The water level gauge should be flushed in each class to determine its true water level. At the same time also equipped with electrode water level balance tube, you can accurately collect the water level signal to issue an alarm or to the water pump control.

Steam boiler common five protection system pressure protection: a. Steam pressure protection: boiler pressure exceeds the rated value, the need for chain protection: the method is to stop the furnace, the combustion system to stop working; can also change the fire mouth, single or double Burning, can also adjust the amount of oil, and thus buck, to ensure safe operation of the boiler. Steam boiler pressure protection and the same water level, the use of multiple protection: ① pressure controller ② safety valve.

Steam boiler common five protection system temperature protection: temperature protection is an important process in the safe operation of the boiler, for the steam boiler temperature regulation and protection is particularly important; at the same time in the hot water boiler over temperature to achieve the role of regulation and protection. Boiler commonly used temperature protection device for the bimetallic temperature controller Steam boiler common five protection system flame protection: to prevent the occurrence of furnace explosion, fuel (gas) boiler must be set flame protection device, the function is to monitor the furnace combustion (including Ignition, when the ignition failure or burning halfway out, usually in 5 seconds to re-ignition, 1 second operation, turn off the oil (gas) solenoid valve, and connected and issued sound and light alarm signal, then the blower to continue operation, Purge the residual combustible gas in the furnace, after 20 to 30 seconds after the purge, automatically cut off the blower and a variety of auxiliary power, the boiler to stop running.) By the flame monitor and control device. The role of the flame monitor is to send the control device to the presence or disruption of the flame. Mainly use the photomultiplier tube, photoresistor and photovoltaic cells, they have a UV or infrared type, a photoelectric conversion components, the working principle of the light radiation intensity into the corresponding strong and weak current. And a linear state of output, and sometimes induced current is weak, through amplification, in order to have a role in the controller.

Steam boiler common five protection system power failure self-locking protection: in the case of sudden power outage, the boiler operation immediately shut down self-locking, if the current recovery power, start at any time, must be reset to lift the lock in order to re-ignition start. The use of imported color and monochrome touch screen control system, the operation process to achieve full automation, with automatic replenishment, water, over temperature, overpressure, automatic power and alarm, leakage protection and other security protection system.