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Induction Coil To Ensure The Insulation Properties Of The Coil

Jun 09, 2017

Induction Coil Conventional insulating varnishes must not be used for vacuum induction furnaces or coils that need to be used in high temperature environments. The usual practice is to use mica tape wrapping, which is not only complicated to operate, but also difficult to assure The insulation performance of the coil is the way in which the coil is wrapped in this way and the mica tape wrapped in the first use is burned. The reason is because the mica tape is not entirely made of mica, such as its binder at a very low temperature can be burned, resulting in damage to the coil surface.

In view of the above problems listed in the conventional insulating paint or conventional insulation methods, we have introduced THERMAL S.C series of ultra-high temperature insulating paint for induction coil,Induction Coil  which can effectively solve the above mentioned problems.

The inductance coil is a device that works with the principle of electromagnetic induction. When a current flows through a wire, it will produce a certain electromagnetic field around the wire, and the electromagnetic field of the wire itself will be in the electromagnetic field within the scope of induction of the wire. The effect of the wire itself that produces the electromagnetic field is called the "self-inductance", that is, the variation of the current generated by the conductor itself changes the magnetic field, which further affects the current in the conductor; the effect on other wires in the range of this electromagnetic field , Called "mutual sense".

Inductance coil electrical characteristics and capacitors on the contrary, "through low frequency, high frequency resistance." High-frequency signal through the inductor coil will encounter a lot of resistance, it is difficult to pass; and low-frequency signal through it when the resistance is relatively small,Induction Coil  that low-frequency signal can be easier to pass it. The resistance of the inductor coil to the DC is almost zero.

Resistors, capacitors and inductors, they are in the circuit of the flow of electricity will show a certain degree of resistance, this resistance we call "impedance." The inductance coil uses the impedance of the current signal to use the coil's self-inductance. Inductance Coil Sometimes we call it "inductance" or "coil", with the letter "L". When winding the inductance coil,Induction Coil the number of turns around the coil we generally call it the "turns" of the coil.