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Heat Treatment Furnace Operation Mechanization And Automation

Jun 09, 2017

Heat Treatment Furnace is a metal material in a certain medium heating, insulation, cooling, by changing the material surface or internal microstructure structure, to control its performance of a metal thermal processing technology. The Heat Treatment Furnace furnace is a kind of metal parts for a variety of metal Heat Treatment Furnace of the industrial furnace collectively, the temperature is generally lower than the furnace. Heat Treatment Furnace furnace is one of many industrial furnaces, mainly based on the heat to determine the Heat Treatment Furnace process, so as to determine the furnace temperature control curve. Modern Heat Treatment Furnace, especially chemical heat process is becoming increasingly complex, Heat Treatment Furnace furnace in the form of many. For continuous Heat Treatment Furnace processes, a suitable continuous Heat Treatment Furnace furnace shall be provided; for the periodic Heat Treatment Furnace process, a forced circulation control atmosphere and a mechanization and automation of the operation of the furnace shall be used. The structure of the Heat Treatment Furnace furnace consists of the furnace body, the heating device, the simple car, the material rack, the control system and so on.

Application areas

       Mainly used in machinery manufacturing process quenching, annealing, tempering and other processes, as well as rolling, forging and other metal thermal processing technology and work to eliminate the overall manufacturing stress.

Performance characteristics

       1, the fuel variety applicable to a wide range, can be used to produce blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, converter gas, mixed gas, furnace gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, heavy oil, diesel, organic waste and pulverized coal and other fuel Heat Treatment Furnace furnace.

       2, non-standardized design, targeted, to meet the needs of different users.

       3, according to the furnace structure and site conditions, with a variety of different types of burners, to achieve the best combustion effect.

       4, the furnace temperature and furnace atmosphere control accuracy, to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece Heat Treatment Furnace.

       5, fully automatic operation, the use of imported electrical components, operational reliability, high accuracy, with the industrial network configuration network control.

       6, according to the pre-set Heat Treatment Furnace curve to the control point temperature as the goal, automatically adjust the fuel and the wind, easy to operate.

       7, according to the process needs optional air preheat combustion or regenerative combustion, to ensure the overall high efficiency, high energy, low temperature flue gas emissions.