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induction preheating welding system

Apr 19, 2018

Main application:          

ü  Weld heat: steel weld joint heat,stress relief heat treatment and hydrogen removal.

ü  Liquid material heating: heat oil, gas, water by heating pipeline, tank, vessel, boiler or reactor.


The field of the induction heating equipment involves oil, petrochemical, aerospace, shipbuilding, steel, boilers, ships, pressure vessels, steel frame structure, railway, bridge, mine construction, automobile manufacturing, nuclear power, mining industry and so on.           


Main features:           

ü  Easy operation: Air cooling and PLC touch screen operation.

ü  High accuracy: DSP and temperature control system .

ü  High speed: Metal heat itself than the resistance or flame heat conduction or thermal radiation.           

ü  High efficiency: 96% heat conversion efficiency and insulation brings the high utilization of energy.           


MYD series induction heater to compare the resistant heater:

Ø  Uniform

Ø  High speed

Ø  Energy Saving: 30-80%



ü  Clean, dry environment

ü  Temperature at -20 ~ 60

ü  Humidity must be in the range of 0% to 95%, and no dew

ü  Avoid contain corrosive gases, liquids



The heating power wins 12months since contract signed date.