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Heater temperature control and thermal protection

Mar 17, 2017

1. thermal fuse: thermal fuse device next to the heater's casing when the liquid level is lower, when the temperature is more than value of fuse safety fuse will burn, plays a role in protecting the heater fuse burning percentage needs to be replaced, temperature fuse parameter: 250V/5A 105°c or 95 degrees.
2. temperature switches: temperature switch in the side of the heater casing, when the liquid reduces, when temperature exceeds the temperature temperature switch, temperature switch will turn on, turn off the power, plays a role in protecting the heater, can be switched on again when the temperature power supply, temperature switch parameter: 250V/5A 105°c or 95 degrees.
3. the temperature switch is switched on again the temperature lower than the over temperature 15 degrees centigrade.
4. owing to the current limit, temperature fuse, temperature switch needed with contactor, is not directly connected to the power and the electric load.