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Heat treatment furnaces category description

Mar 17, 2017

Heat treatment furnaces category descriptionHeat treatment furnaces can be divided into the following categories:
1. the Bell-type furnace: in the cover which is a heat treatment furnace heated a cyclical work within.
2. the roller-hearth furnace: furnace heat treatment material of roller transport along the entire length of the stove every certain distance to install a roller, the material in the roller runs on. Widely used in normalizing, annealing, quenching and tempering heat treatment processes.
3. chain type furnace: this is mainly a conveyer belt-type heat treatment furnace, designed for thin slab rolling the former heating furnace and sheet processing chain.
4. traction-type heat treatment furnace: equipment is widely used in cold rolled strip tinning, galvanizing and continuous heat treatment of silicon steel, stainless steel.
5. wire patenting furnace: this device is a traction-type heat treatment furnace, dedicated to the wire in front of the lead tank of isothermal quenching of heated, are widely used in need, fast and uniform heating of heat treatment.