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Generator rotor assembly and disassembly preheat

Apr 18, 2018

Main Application:

l  Preheat: weld heat,coating, spraying, bending, fitting&unfitting heat

l  Post-weld heat treatment: tank, boile, pipeline, steel sheet or other metal jobs

l  InductionHeat: mold heating, shipboard, zinc bath, large& irregular metal parts

l  Pipeline material heat: pipeline oil, pipeline gas, pipeline water, pipeline petrochemical and other pipeline material

MYD-20KW heating machine including:

Main Features

u  High speed: 70%

u  Low tolerance

u  Energy Saving

u  High efficiency

u  Accurate heating

u  Simple operation

u  Non-contact heating

u  Environmental protection

u  Hypothermia circumstance

u Air cooling is suitable for low-temperature environment

u Induction heating is more uniform than oil,gas,flame heating 

Shipping Details:

MYD-20KW heating machine (heating power, Cable coil, thermocouple  included.)

u  Delivery Time: within 5 working days

u  Delivery: by air or by sea.

u  Packing: standard wood box

u  Packing size:680*340*450mm

u  Power weight: 32kg

u  Packing Weight: 35-45kg(parts included)

u  Country of Origin: China