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Gas heater features

Mar 17, 2017

1) CNG and LPG can be used as fuel.
2) negative supply pressure of the burner only burner there is enough vacuum to open the decompression valve, ensure supply, safe and reliable.
3) flame sensor flame detection using ion, timely and quick judgments the ignition conditions, protection of misfire, stall protection, can monitor in real time the heater burn, can quickly access to unusual combustion conditions and can make quick emergency response, undertaking not to present a security risk.
4) in the installation compartment has a concentration of gas detectors to ensure that no gas leaks in the cabin and improve the safety performance of gas heaters.
5) burners using patented technology, tempered with the smaller limit and take off the fire, with radiative heat transfer functions, metal fiber burner has more safety features than other gas burners.
6) combustion efficiency is above 85%, combustion noise level less than 50 DB, heater emissions near zero pollution.
7) with advanced automatic control technology, abnormal conditions with reliable protection; temperature control range: 65-78 c, can also be adjusted according to user needs.