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Classification of welding

Mar 17, 2017

Generally under the heat of nature, the formation of joint State and whether pressure to divide.
1. fusion welding
Fusion welding is a welding joint is heated to a molten state, does not increase the pressure to complete the welding method, which includes gas welding, arc welding, electroslag welding, laser welding, electron beam welding, plasma arc welding, welding and thermite welding.

2. pressure welding
Welding is done by exerting pressure on weld (heated or not heated) to complete the welding method, which includes explosive welding, cold welding, friction welding, diffusion welding, ultrasonic welding, forging and welding, high frequency welding and resistance welding.

3. brazing
Brazing is used than the base metal of low melting point metal materials for brazing, heating temperature is higher than the case of a much lower melting point brazing, using liquid solder wetting material, fill the joint gap, and connects to the base metal diffusion to achieve welding method.