MYD Series Induction Heater For Weld Joint Heat And Heat Treatment (PWHT)

Types: MYD-40KW , MYD-50KW , MYD-60KW , MYD-80KW , MYD-100KW , MYD-120KW Input Power : 3*380VAC (Default), 3*220VAC (Optional), 3*440VAC (Optional) Output Frequency : 2KHZ ~ 30KHZ Job size:¢100-1500mm ; Max:900℃; Heating Speed: 5-400℃/min Size: 800*560*1350mm ; Packing size:900*660*1560mm Net...

Product Details

Types: MYD-40KW, MYD-50KW, MYD-60KW, MYD-80KW, MYD-100KW, MYD-120KW

Input Power3*380VAC (Default), 3*220VAC (Optional), 3*440VAC (Optional)

Output Frequency2KHZ ~ 30KHZ

Job size:¢100-1500mm ; Max:900℃; Heating Speed: 5-400℃/min

Size: 800*560*1350mm; Packing size:900*660*1560mm

Net weight: 120kg;Gross weight with parts: 155-260kg

Induction coil,K Thermocouple, R-1006 Temperature Recorder

Connection cable,Insulation Blanket, thermocouple Connection cable


MYD series induction heater configuration table:

1. Temperature control system to control the heating process

2. PLC touch screen to operate the heater and set the heating data

3. Temperature recorder to print the curve 

4. Connectors are easy to connect

5. 6pcs K type thermocouple to test the temperature 

6. Soft air cooling cable coil or clamp coil for  high speed preheat

7. Soft water cooling cable coil for long time and high temperature heat treatment

8. The extend cable for meet the distance between the coil and the heater



It is mainly used for weld joint heat and heat treatment (PWHT), thermal assembly and liquid heating.

Main applications:

1.weld joint heat and heat treatment (PWHT)pipeline weld, shipboard weld, steel sheet weld, steel structure weld, railway bridge steel structure, railway track weld, rack plate weld, vessel weld, tank weld, kettel weld, boiler weld, reactor weld, valve surfacing weld, flange surfacing weld, roll surfacing weld ect.     

2.thermal assembly: Shaft & rotor assembly and dis-assembly

3.vessel heating and tank insulation: vessel, tank, boiler, chemical reactor,exchanger and kettel heating

4.pipeline anti-corrosive coating,wear-resistant coating and hot spray

5.pipeline liquid heating: gas, oil, water heat and other liquid heat.


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